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Tempest Eclipse "PREMIUM" Oversize T-Shirt

Tempest Eclipse "PREMIUM" Oversize T-Shirt

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-model reference: 6,2 200lb // Large size

  • 280gsm  cotton/spandex


In a world shrouded in eternal twilight, where the sun and moon coexist in an unending dance, there existed a kingdom known as Lumoria. This realm was governed by the delicate balance between light and darkness, and its people revered both the brilliance of day and the mystery of night.

At the heart of Lumoria stood the ancient city of Eclipseia, named for the rare celestial event that cloaked the kingdom in a supernatural calm. This city was a place of unparalleled beauty and intrigue, where tall spires pierced the heavens, and shadowy alleys whispered secrets of old. The inhabitants of Eclipseia had long lived in harmony, their lives intertwined with the cycles of the celestial bodies above.

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