Cream Heavyweight Hoodie

Cream Heavyweight Hoodie

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POLYESTER AND COTTON BLEND! very heavyweight weight  Model reference: 6,2" 205LB model size: XLarge 480gsm heavyweight cotton/poly
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POLYESTER AND COTTON BLEND! very heavyweight weight 

Model reference: 6,2" 205LB

model size: XLarge

480gsm heavyweight cotton/poly

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- Ribbed and double stitched collar and armholes

- High-density fabric for vivid print clarity

- Machine-wash safeSingle right rear button flap pocket

- Products are proudly printed in the United States

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Customer Reviews

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Thick and warm. I have an 30 minute walk to my uni class in the Michigan cold, and wear this hoodie more often than not.

Eli Klunder
Best products

I love FluxGear. Not only is what I bought great quality, but I received another shirt for free. FluxGear is top notch, and my favorite site to shop.

Alyssa Cubas

I love this hoodie, it’s the most comfy cozy hoodie without being like too hot. It’s does have a nice weight to it. My only critique would be to make the neck/head opening a little wider for comfort. Other than that I’m obsessed. 5’4” 125 woman, Small is perfect but size up for it to be extra roomy/oversized.

Alvaro Pulido
Most Comfortable

Honestly this hoodie is different then all my other hoodie material and honestly I felt warm wearing it but it’s breathable. Good for lonely lifters who need a hug.

Vicki Mayouhas

Cream 480GSM VERY Heavy Weight HOODIE